Academy of Business Research Journal 

The Academy of Business Research Journal is an interdisciplinary journal dealing with issues in business and education.  Any Best Paper award at the conference will automatically be placed into the review process for possible acceptance into the Academy of Business Research Journal.  Direct submissions to the Academy of Business Research Journal are reviewed on a continuing basis.  Submissions may be made by submitting a copy of your article either in Microsoft Word or PDF format to

The Academy of Business Research Journal is intended for parties that are interested in the practical applications of business and industrial research. The intended readership consists of both researchers and practitioners. The emphasis of the journal is on applications, not the statistical methodology used to derive the applications.  Thus, any empirical work should be clearly outlined so that a wide spectrum audience can follow the practical applications of the manuscript.


The mission of the Academy of Business Research Journal is to support researchers and practitioners in the application of business and industrial development.  


Review Process

All articles are double blind peer reviewed within 90 days of submission.  There is no submission fee for any individual that is a member of the Academy of Business Research. Membership is given gratis for a year to any conference registrant.  Membership may also be purchased for $150 per year that includes a subscription to all the journals. All articles should follow APA guidelines.

Journal Reviewers


Andrew King

      University of Virginia

Anthony Robinson

      Augusta University


Atasi Basu

      Utica College


Bogdan Bonca

      George Washington University


Bing Yu

      Meredith University


Bob Reich

      Lynn University

Bradford Frazier

      Belmont Abbey


Cathy Carey

      Western Kentucky University

Chris Tobler

      Stetson University


Christine Harrington

      University of Tampa


Christopher Lee

      Central Connecticut State Uni


Deanne Butchey

      Florida International University


Dana Costea

     Indiana University South Bend


Deborah Leather

     Stevenson University

Louis Le Guyader

     Southeastern Louisiana University

Dene Hurley

     Lehman College

Diane Holtzman 
     Richard Stockton University


Ellis Heath

     Valdosta State University

Gihoon Hong

     Indiana University South Bend


Gundars Kaupins

     Boise State University

Hamid Khan
     Our Lady of the Lake University

Jennifer Flannagan

     Texas A&M University Commerce


Jerry Koehler

     University of South Florida

Jim Mahar

     St. Bonnaventure University


John Cullen

     Mercy University


John Dunn

     University of Rhode Island

John Marcis

     Coastal Carolina University


John Pearlstein

     Richard Stockton University


Karen Hiltz

     Ferrum University


Kenneth Henderson

     Morehead State University


Kerry Webb

     Texas Woman's University


Marlene Phillips

     University of Technology-Jamaica


Melissa Melancon

     University of Louisiana Monroe

Molly Russ

     Texas Woman's University

Rajkumar Kempaiah

     Mount St. Vincent University


Ryan Peterson

     Arkansas State University

Sandra Potter

     Bryant University


Shannon Jackson

     St. Leo University


Stan Bazan

     Western Conneticut State Univ

Subrata Acharya

     Towson University

Umesh Kumar

SUNY Canton


Wayne Nix

     Jackson State Univeristy


Zuzana Buzzell

     Southern New Hampshire Univ


Journal Associate Editor

  • Tim Wilson,

       Texas A & M University

About the Editor - Jim Estes, California State University

                                                      I am a tenured Professor of Finance at California State                                                         University, San Bernardino, California. I am in my 11th                                                         11th year of teaching having started as an Assistant                                                             Professor when I retired as a CEO in the financial                                                                industry. In addition to my PhD and MBA I hold the CFP,                                                      ChFC, CPCU and CLU designations. While a full time                                                           professor for the past 10 years I am also a federal securities arbitrator for FINRA and a partner in a financial fee based money management firm. My career in the financial services industry spans 35 years including President of a large financial group for 8 years prior to retiring to teach full time. I served as a consultant to the FSLIC during the S&L crisis and was part of the group that formed the Resolution Trust Corporation. I teach investments, introductory finance courses, financial and retirement planning and financial markets and capital formation. I have 30 Professional and Academic Journal publications; I have presented papers at numerous academic conferences, appeared live on CBS and numerous radio and cable stations to talk about the economy or my papers. I have one invited op-ed piece in the New York Times and 4 best paper awards.. I have been married to my childhood sweetheart (since 3 years old) Denise for 46 years and we have two grandchildren who live in Sacramento with their parents.

Journal Editor

  • Jim Estes,

       California State University