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Journal of Fraud Research

The Journal of Fraud Research is intended for parties that are interested in the practical applications of fraud research. The intended readership consists of both researchers and practitioners. The emphasis of the journal is on applications, not the statistical methodology used to derive the applications. Thus, any empirical work should be clearly outlined so that a wide spectrum audience can follow the practical applications of the manuscript.


The mission of the Journal of Fraud Research is to support researchers and practitioners in the application of fraud examination, forensic accounting, and other issues involving accounting and ethics.

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Journal Editor

  • Dr. Richard E. Hurley, Ph.D. JD, MS, CPA, CFE, CFF, University of Connecticut

Associate Editors

George Young, Ph.D., CFE, CPA

Florida Atlantic University


Les Heitger, PhD., MBA, CFE

Missouri State University


Robert Holtfreter, Ph.D., CFE, CICA

Central Washington University


William J. Kresse, MS, JD, CPA, CFF, CFE, CGMA, ESq.

Governors State University

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